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For companies & organizations
Empower your business, company, and organization to support the community.

- Curated 1:1 support
- Supporting mobilizing movements
Community Engagement
Grassroot organizing is where it all begins. 

- strategic planning
- Fundraising strategies


My approach is simple. I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all model to support. We will start with a conversation about what your business/organization’s intent for collaboration is. We will then talk about the resources that you currently have available. From there, I will present to you a custom plan that will serve as a starting point for our future partnership if it makes sense to all parties involved.  Then if it is supported by all implicated parties, we get to work and make it happen.

I want to aid businesses, organizations, and institutions to lean into the claims and concerns of equity-seeking groups. I work one-on-one with leaders to understand the issues that they are currently facing and strategize customized solutions that are specific to their organization. I use an intersectional lens in my work, in a way that intentionally encourages people to engage with the community. 

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