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Meet Pamphinette

Rugby sevens athlete, Olympian, Thought Leader,  community organizer and speaker

I am a second-generation Congolese woman, leader, and Olympian, who utilizes her platform to amplify voices and challenge systems of oppression. I am forever grateful for the way my parents used every opportunity to create teachable moments about life, resiliency, hard work, and striving for greatness. 

My parents' teachings planted seeds of wisdom and their life lessons have helped me navigate the ebbs and flows of my continued success. My father always reminds me, "it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it does matter if you’ve given it 100% effort with the moments you’ve had”. I’ve grown to understand and cherish the transformative power of community, and the many pathways it can generate.

My work began playing on the Canadian Women’s Rugby Sevens team in 2016. I won a silver medal at the Youth Olympic Games,  a gold medal at the 2019 Pan American Games, and represented Canada on the world stage at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. I have worked across multiple sectors including government, education, media, and mobilizing grassroots initiatives. 

 During the recent resurgence of civil rights movements, I have committed my energy towards advocating for diverse communities and bridging broader networks of solidarity. 


Pamphinette Speaks

Lead with Love Campaign - P&G

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